Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

This product contains a mild blend of solvents and detergents which remove muck and grime from leather grain but at the same time refined waxes restore, soften and improve the appearance of all leather!

A buffable polymer helps keep leather clean and reduces scuffing and cracking. This polymer all ensures that the leather surface is not left sticky or tacky but actually repels muck and grime.

AMMO Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is a super easy to use 2 in 1 cleaner and conditioner.

Simply apply by cloth or microfibre and leave for a few minutes. Wipe away excess and buff with a clean cloth. You will be amazed at the dirt and grime that is lifted from the leather but best of all the leather will be conditioned at the same time!

Save on buying two products, this cleaner can be used on all car interiors, seats trim etc along with household items such as leather suites, handbags, shoes, jackets etc.