Developed to protect and lubricate Aerospace and Military hardware under the most extreme conditions!

AMMO 308 is the most highly specified corrosion inhibitor/protector available for your bike today. If it can protect ultra-expensive military hardware in the most extreme conditions it will protect your bike!

This amazing formulation will dispel moisture from any mechanical part, then lubricate and protect against corrosion. AMMO .308 actively works on the applied surface to create a protective layer that will last for many months or years.

The ‘Proto-Guard Technology’ in .308 allows it to thin film and penetrate the tightest and smallest of crevices and seams to give maximum protection and lubrication.

Use for ultimate protection on all bikes including winter riding and long term storage. Road bikes, off road bikes, classics will all benefit from using AMMO .308 to protect and lubricate. Also protects electrics from water ingress. Makes engines and black finishes look like new!

A little goes a long way and AMMO .308 is all product not propellant filled large tins, so much better for the environment, can be re-used and re-filled.

.308 can also be used as a penetrating oil to loosen seized parts.

Especially suited to the long term storage of mechanical parts and machines. AMMO .308 is a must for cycling, motorcycling, automotive, marine, industrial and engineering applications.


Superb penetrating oil for corroded or seized parts.

Fantastic for removing tar from exhausts etc!

Be careful to avoid contact with brake parts.

To tackle the toughest tasks. Tested in extreme situations to give you the best possible results.