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Amazing new polish that produces a super high gloss polymer shell with the minimum of effort! No need to use one cloth to apply and another to buff, simply spray and buff!

Aeroglide can be used on paintwork, glass, plastics etc without any problems. Will not whiten black plastics or trim,gives black plastic a lovely satin finish. Leaves glass crystal clear!

Aeroglide Super Polish with Active Surface Technology.  This is another unique product that can be used for all polishing/detailing on any surface/material and one we are very proud of!

Aeroglide can be used on any material/surface and does not need buffed but merely wiped. Mild solvents remove light dirt and finger marks while the patented polymer (AST) bonds to the surface. This will not whiten any material even black rubber/plastic. Aeroglide has Active Surface Technology which means that it can be applied to any type of paintwork (even matt), glass, plastic, rubber etc and will give a fantastic long lasting finish on any of these. Aeroglide also has Clear View Technology which means this product when applied to plastic (ie windshield) will act as a rain repellent to allow better visibility and safer driving. This also means better rain repellency when applied to paintwork.

Aeroglide performs brilliantly on all interior plastics/trim as well negating the need for interior specific products. Aeroglide also leaves a long lasting fresh clean fragrance!

Also pictured is a 2004 plate Honda Fireblade cleaned with AMMO products such as .303 and .243 then polished with Aeroglide. Picture sent in by very happy customer!!

ONE PRODUCT FOR ALL USES ON CARS, MOTORCYCLES, CYCLES, ETC The best polish on the market today!

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