Magnum Power Cleaner 1Lt – The New Bike Cleaner from AMMOPRO

This is brand new technology, unique to AMMOPRO. We feel that this cleaner is so good that we will probably phase out our .303, Nitro XC (Bike Recommended) and our Lightning Gel Cleaner (Ride Best Buy)!

Un-rivalled cleaning power – requires less product and less effort!

Brand New Cleaning Technology

Leaves a Nano-Tech Polymer Coating on all parts

Polymer Coating means less muck and dirt sticking to paintwork – rinse between shampoos

Polymer coating means muck and dirt easier to remove  – less chance of scratching paintwork

Superb shiny finish on all paintwork

FORCE 10 WHEEL CLEANER – Iron Fallout Remover 500ml


Force 10 Wheel/Iron Fallout Cleaner is an acid-free non-corrosive colour changing wheel cleaner. Force 10 chemically converts rust, iron and bound on brake dust into a soluble compound which can be rinsed off. Balanced viscosity gives optimum contact time and best cleaning performance. Solvents and super-wetting properties ensure effective penetration for maximum results.

Unlike most competitors Force 10 has a lovely cherry fragrance. Many others have a very sulphurous odour.

Faster working and nicer to use than many products in the marketplace.